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Alliance offers Laundry Service

The Walla Walla Alliance for the Homeless is pleased to announce its sponsorship of a free monthly laundry service for homeless people beginning on Tuesday, February 16 from 6-8 pm at the Speed Wash Self Service Laundry, 2023 E. Isaacs in Walla Walla. During the designated hours, Alliance volunteers will be on hand to provide free soap and feed enough quarters into washers and dryers to accommodate up to three regular loads of wash for anyone in the area who is homeless. While waiting for their wash to be done, the Alliance and its volunteers will also use the occasion to work with homeless people on ways to help them move toward more stable housing.

The Alliance efforts will complement a similar laundry opportunity at the Southgate Center Laundromat, 929 South 2nd, sponsored by a local ministry group in cooperation with the national nonprofit whose website is laundrylove.org. On the last Saturday of every month from 11 am to 1 pm, Open Hands Ministry led by Ken and Juanita Butler from the Amazing Grace Nazarene Church has been staffing a Laundry Love session at the Southgate laundromat for people living below the poverty line to do up to three loads of laundry. According to the Butlers, the group is pleased to cooperate with the Alliance on this, since it had wanted to add a second day each month, but hadn’t known where resources would come from. The cost of each monthly session has been approximately $150 so far, in addition to donated soap.

Interested people are invited to bring their spare change and laundry soap by the Speedwash Laundry on the third Tuesday of every month to be shared with others.

For more information on Alliance projects, email Laundry@WWAlliancefortheHomeless.org.

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