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Transitional Housing

What does it mean to have a home? How can we put a value on the security and peace of mind  that is associated with knowing where you will sleep tonight and having a place where your belongings (and you, yourself) are safe. How can we express the dignity of being able to say “This is my home; this is where I belong“?

The primary project of the Walla Walla Alliance for the Homeless is the construction and operation of Madison Park, a community of up to 14 tiny cottages to house 20-22 people. Kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities will be offered in a ‘commons’ building on the property. The commons will also contain a small office for security, as well as an open gathering area and another small office for use by visiting social services providers. Madison Park will provide a step up from the streets on the way to permanent housing. It will also provide transitional housing for those who do not qualify for other community shelter services. These may include families awaiting permanent housing, single fathers with young children, couples who are unwilling to be separated and those who, for a variety of reasons, are unable to tolerate dormitory-style or church-run facilities.

Walla Walla County and it’s associated agencies have adopted a rapid re-housing model which prioritizes permanent housing above other endeavors. The Alliance supports this model as we all wish to see our fellow citizens in stable, permanent housing. However, in order to achieve this worthwhile goal, the county’s contributions to temporary shelter are being severely curtailed and in some cases eliminated. That reality, combined with the understanding that permanent housing is rarely instantly available, makes the need for a facility such as Madison Park all the more crucial.

The Alliance has leased property at 708 W Pine for $1/year for 5 years from a local LLC formed by supporters. The property has been cleaned up and surveyed and a site plan for the property and floor plan for the commons have been developed. The budget to remodel the commons building to be in compliance with all zoning and building codes and to complete all site prep to ready the property for the installation of our tiny cottages is $220,000. Much of this cost will come from volunteer labor and donated supplies, but funds will be required for those items which cannot be obtained via donation, as well as for all regulatory costs. Madison Park will be built using only private funds. Please consider what you can do for your community by supporting this important effort.