Need a Safe Place to Sleep?

Check with us at the Walla Walla Sleep Center

The Sleep Center opens before dark and is staffed by Alliance volunteers until 10 p.m. Security is onsite until 9 a.m. The Sleep Center closes at 9 a.m. Click the link below to send us an email. We'll get right back to you.

Location & Directions

Location: 1181 W Rees Corner of 15th & Rees


Looking for a
Way Forward?

Are you ready and motivated to improve your life? 
Can we help?

Alliance volunteers at Exit Homelessness can help clear away whatever obstacles might be keeping you from a more stable lifestyle. Give us a call at 509-596-1114 or click the link below to send us an email. We'll get right back to you.

Hobey, from Milton-Freewater, spent the tail-end of winter in the Sleep Center.  Nobody knew where he went during the day, but everybody knew what he did at night - charged his phone. While his phone was charging, he read the U-B. Now the secret’s out -- he’s been looking for work, papering the county with employment applications. Now, he has a job at Walmart. Proudly flashes his employee vest when we encounter him there.


Need to Take a Shower?

Showers are available:

For those who reside at the Sleep Center, showers are available most evenings.

For those who are engaged in the Exit Homelessness Program, showers are available on Monday and Wednesday mornings at 9AM.

Our mobile shower trailer operates on Fridays next to the free lunch at New Beginnings Church at 11th and Main, from 10AM to 1PM.  It is open for anyone who needs to shower.

Don, who lived at the Sleep Center for a year, and Bill, who met him in the camp this spring, have remained friends. They’ve come by to update us on their progress.  Each has found housing through BMAC and the Walla Walla Housing Authority. And each is employed.  Don is picking up jobs as an old-school, like-grandma-did-it housecleaner, and liking the work pretty well. Bill works at the Walmart Distribution Center; to hear him tell it, by this time next year he’ll be running the place.


Need to Receive Mail?

We have mailboxes


The Walla Walla Alliance for the Homeless is pleased to provide mailboxes with a street address free of charge. The boxes are located at 4th & Birch, behind the Christian Aid Center.


Applications are available at Exit Homelessness.

Walla Walla

Our Partner

Helpline is the primary screening and referral agency in Walla Walla County for emergency social services

Location & Directions:

1520 Kelly Pl #180

(509) 529-3377

Jake is a young man who stayed at the Sleep Center on and off over a period of a few months.  Then I did not see him for several months.  I ran into him recently at John's Wheatland Bakery in town.  He had his motorcycle parked outside and had a big smile on his face.  He said that he had joined the National Guard and that things were going great for him.  And he really did look good and happy.


Need Something to Eat?

Breakfast 7:30am

DAILY - Christian Aid Center, 4th & Birch

Lunch 11:30am-1pm

DAILY - Christian Aid Center, 4th & Birch


Lunches are provided each day at the Christian Aid Center, 4th and Birch.


Normal lunch distribution will resume at the churches after the pandemic ends.

MON - Pioneer United Methodist, 209 E Birch

TUE - St. Pauls Episcopal, 323 Catherine

WED - 1st Congregational, 73 Palouse

THU – St. Pauls Episcopal, 323 Catherine

FRI – New Beginnings, 822 W Main


Lunch 12:15-1pm

SAT – Good Neighbor, 303 S 3rd

Dinner 5:30pm

DAILY - Christian Aid Center, 4th & Birch

FRI – Celebrate Recovery, 2133 S Howard


Other Helpful Partners

  • Blue Mountain Action Council & Coordinated Entry Housing 509-529-4980

  • Comprehensive Mental Health 509-524-2920

  • Christian Aid Center - 509-525-7153

  • Catholic Charities - 509-525-0572

  • GED/WW Community College 509-524-4808

  • SonBridge 509-529-3100

  • STAR Project - 509-525-3612

  • SOS Medical Clinic 509-529-1481

  • Salvation Army  - 509-529-9470

  • VA Medical Center -  509-525-5200

  • WW Community Health 509-524-2650

  • WorkSource 509-527-4393

  • WW Housing Authority 509-527-4542

  • YWCA Domestic Violence Crisis Line 509-529-9922