Bravo WWU Volunteers!

Students from Walla Walla University spent an afternoon doing some heavy lifting at the Sleep Center recently. Board member Chuck Hindman relays:

We had a wonderful afternoon yesterday. The students got to work right away, had such a positive attitude, and moved us ahead rapidly. In a couple of hours, one of our garden beds was relocated in preparation for a new hut to be constructed at its former location. The storage shed now has three new shelving units, unneeded metal taken to recycling, lumber relocated outside or out of the way, boxes of food and supplies shelved or stacked where they are easily accessible, bicycles and bed frames moved to the side, sawhorses made ready for construction work, and many other items put away.

Josiah’s before and after pictures are amazing. If you multiply the two and a half hours from each volunteer by seven, you can imagine what a boost that is for a couple of old guys who would be trying to do it ourselves. We simply could not have been ready for the Engineers without Borders project to build a hut on-site without the help we received from student volunteers yesterday.

Bravo Volunteers!

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