Exit Homelessness Expands Needs Assessments and Help with Goals

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

Written by Dan Clark, Exit Homelessness Program Coordinator

In January 2018, the Walla Walla Alliance for the Homeless, with support from the City of Walla Walla, began a pilot program called “Exit Homelessness".

It began as an intensive program for individuals who are ready and motivated to improve their lives.  In many ways it is job-like, helping them prepare to keep a regular schedule and show reliability. The Exit Homelessness Project is located in the basement of City Hall to provide needs assessments, individual goal setting and community service for homeless people throughout the city.

Today, the Exit Homelessness Project offers several levels of involvement.

For those needing community service hours, an initial needs assessment and goal setting are required, followed by a once-a-week check-in and update at the Exit Progress Center, as well as maintaining a beautification route.

The same elements are required for those who are interested in a beautification route, but who do not have any community service obligations to fulfill.

To use a mailbox through the Mailbox Project requires a needs assessments, goal setting, and periodic check-ins to the Exit Homelessness Center.

The Exit Homelessness volunteers can assist with these services:

  • applications for benefits and employment to create or increase their income stream

  • applications for an ID, social security card and birth certificate

  • arranging a mailing address and a phone

  • appointments for health care, including medical, mental health and chemical dependency treatment

  • resolution of legal obligations, including civil and criminal proceedings

  • housing applications through Blue Mountain Action Council, the Housing Authority and private landlords

  • educational needs at WWCC and other schools

  • transportation needs, such as bikes and bus passes

  • connection with the community, including volunteer work

  • any other identified needs for achieving housing and independent living

If you need help, or if you know someone who needs assistance, please call 509-596-1114. You may have to leave a message, but we will return your call promptly. Our email address is exithomelessness@gmail.com. Please do not hesitate to be in touch!

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