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Updated: Sep 25, 2020

We are excited and thankful to tell you that the Mobile Shower Program is now completely funded!

Two years ago, the Alliance starting working on a plan to purchase a mobile shower trailer that could bring showers to more of the homeless in our valley. The total project was a $42,000 undertaking.

Univera Serve First helped get the funding started with their Walla Walla Wine Walk Weekend last September, raising $30,000 of what was needed from supportive donors. Grants from the Braden Foundation and the Wildhorse Foundation got us oh - so - close.

One of the major line items in our budget was a "tow-vehicle" for the trailer to be taken from one location to the next. Then, on Monday evening, this happened --------

Dale Johnson presenting Craig Volwiler, Alliance VP, with the title to a Suburban

Dale and Edie Johnson donated their used Suburban to the Alliance as the tow vehicle for the Shower Trailer to complete this major community project. We at the Alliance could not be more thankful!

The brand new Shower Trailer ships from Indiana this week to be delivered to Binder Sign to dress it up in its wrap.

We will start with a weekly 4-hour deployment near downtown. Crazy Love Church has offered to let us use their parking lot near Palouse and Alder. Neighboring First Congregational Church will allow guests to use their restrooms if needed.

Our desired outcome is that every homeless person in Walla Walla will be able to have a weekly shower if they want one. We will have achieved that goal when we do not have to turn anyone away. Whether that requires one deployment a week or multiple deployments will be clear once we begin service.

Showers are one of the top needs of those who are homeless. A shower gets a person clean, makes them feel better about themselves, restores their dignity, and improves self-respect. A shower makes a person more acceptable to landlords when seeking housing, to employers when seeking employment, and to community members who are around them.

The Alliance has been operating the only shower stall in the city that is open to the homeless. It operates three hours per week, and can provide showers to about 15 people during that time. That is clearly not enough for the over 150 unsheltered homeless adults in Walla Walla.

Thanks to all involved! Through your generous donations, you have made a difference in Walla Walla!

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