Simple Food Items Needed at The Sleeping Center

Updated: Aug 8, 2018

Written by Peter Brick, Alliance Camp Manager -- Our guests of the Sleep Center arrive about 6pm. Some may have eaten lunch served at one of the local churches. Others may not have eaten at all. Fortunately some nights our angel volunteers and supporting friends bring and serve a cooked meal to those staying at the Sleeping Center. It's always a big hit!

But many nights, there is no warming food. And there is no cooking at the Sleep Center-not even a microwave. But hot water is available for instant foods like Ramon noodles, cup of soup and oatmeal. These one cup meals are easy to make and quickly hit the spot.

If you would like to help, the Sleep Center always needs donation of instant noodles and quick oatmeal. Can you help? If you would like to make a donation please drop them by the Sleep Center from 6-10pm any night of the week. We’re here every evening!

For more information, please drop us an email at, or call the Sleep Center between 6-10pm at 509-520-0316. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have. If you'd like to make a donation to purchase these items, you can make a donation from our secure website.

Instant Oatmeal, Jerky, Peanuts, Dried Fruit, Cup o Noodles or Soup, Crackers, Coffee and Sugar

We sincerely thank you for your help and consideration.




Location: 1181 W Rees Ave
Corner of 15th and Rees

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Location: 1181 W Rees Ave, Corner of 15th & Rees
Phone: 509-520-0316

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