Strategic Plan Adopted: Vision 2020 - 2022

We interviewed key stakeholders – City and County officials, leaders of other service agencies, Alliance founders, board members and clients -- to obtain valuable input about how the Alliance was viewed and areas of strength and weakness.

We updated our mission, vision and value statements to include the desired outcomes -- housing and self-reliance.

Our MISSION is to provide homeless people in Walla Walla with access to safe shelter, basic necessities and the resources needed to transition to stable housing and self-reliance.

We identified our key goals and developed specific plans on how we will achieve them. Those goals are:

  • GOVERNANCE: Increase the number of members of the board of directors, optimize the board’s talent pool, and organize the board to support the growth of the Alliance’s mission and impact

  • TALENT DEVELOPMENT: Develop and support an effective staff and volunteer team

  • SERVICE MODEL REFINEMENT: Enhance the service model to ensure alignment with client needs, congruence with Walla Walla’s continuum of care, and known best practices

  • FUNDRAISING AND SUSTAINABILITY: Broaden fundraising, communication and partnership structures that ensure the sustainability of organizational operations, the Sleep Center, Exit Homelessness and the provision of basic necessities.

  • SLEEP CENTER FACILITIES AND FUNCTION: Enhance the look and function of the Sleep Center

  • PATHWAYS TO PERMANENT HOUSING: Remain responsive to opportunities to promote stable housing options for people who experience homelessness

Coffey Communications donated their amazing talents to produce this beautiful summary plan for us. It includes a brief history of the Alliance, statistics of the services provided and outcomes achieved. Also included is a summary of the goals and objectives for the next three years.

We hope you will take a moment to read the entire vision for the Alliance for the Homeless! Here's a copy for you:

Download PDF • 753KB

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