What a Winter!

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

It was really brutal at the Sleep Center in February and March! But the Conestoga huts continue to function well above expectations. Each night provided shelter to about 35 guests. Many people understandably chose to move to the Christian Aid Center or the Warming Center as temperatures were some nights in the single digits.

You most likely know, the huts have no heat, so sometimes sleeping bags just are not enough to cut the cold. 

Our wonderful Walla Walla community came through with needed support of hats, gloves, socks, warm coats and additional bedding. Many thanks to those who donated items or cash to purchase these welcomed items.

Our Facebook fundraiser allowed us to purchase 20 new sleeping bags from Sportsman's Warehouse in Walla Walla, Feb 2019.

If you shop at Andy's Market in College Place, you might recognize this big barrel at the front door - it set there for about a month collecting donations for the Sleep Center. The initiative was sponsored by two Walla Walla Community College students.

In February, the Walla Walla Superheros put together 50 “care packages” that were given to the Sleeping Center to distribute. Of course they didn't forget about the animals that are there either. So they also included care packages for the dogs and 1 kitty cat!

Several organizations also brought in hot dinners which were so greatly appreciated on the cold winters' nights.

Enjoy the slide show below!

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