Our mission is to provide homeless people in Walla Walla with access to safe shelter, basic necessities, and the resources needed to transition to stable housing and self-reliance.

It's Not Easy Being Homeless

Can you imagine trying to get a job or even rent an apartment if you have no place to shower, no place to wash clothes, have no mailing address, no telephone, no recent landlord references, have no credit rating because you haven’t paid a utility bill in years? 


Add to that any mental illness or physical disability that you may have, and the barriers you face seem insurmountable. 


The Alliance is working to remove the barriers that prevent those experiencing homelessness from moving to better circumstances.

​Our latest project -

Exit Homelessness

In 2018, the Walla Walla Alliance for the Homeless, with support from the City of Walla Walla, began a pilot program we call “Exit Homelessness.”  It is a program for individuals who are ready and motivated to improve their lives.  In many helps them to prepare to keep a regular schedule and show reliability.


Damon, 20, who has lived at the Sleep Center for eight months, comes in the gate with a radiant grin:  “Guess what I did today!”  Without asking for advice, without bumming a smoke or a ride, he got himself to Lincoln High School and enrolled for the spring quarter.  "Gonna graduate", he says. "Need that diploma."

City of Walla Walla Presented
The Municipal Excellence Award
June 2018

The Association of Washington Cities noted the city’s work with the Walla Walla Alliance for the Homeless on establishing the Sleeping Center last spring on the grounds of the City Service Center at Rees and Fourth avenues.


Watch the video and read the front page article from the Union-Bulletin here.


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The “Exit Homelessness Program” was featured on Blue Mountain Television

Roger Johnson of Valley Viewpoint featured

  • Erica Bristol, Exit Homelessness Program facilitator,

  • Kathy Drake, Sleeping Center Volunteer and

  • Chuck Hindman, President of the Alliance for Homeless

This March 19, 2019 interview explains the situation of those who are homeless in our valley. These caring volunteers do amazing work in our community and will share how you can help as well.



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