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The Exit Homelessness Program


Our team of social workers, Peer Support Specialists, and volunteers meets clients where they are, without passing judgement, to gain their trust and assess their situation, challenges and potential.  These services are unique to each client.


These services are available to all Walla Walla area homeless, including people who are not served at the Sleep Center.


Are You Homeless and ready to 


​Confused where to start? What to do next? Just need support? We can help.

We can 

  • Help you get your ID, Social Security card, bus pass, cellphone, mailing address, food stamps

  • Help you qualify for and find housing

  • Help you obtain the benefits for which you qualify

  • Help with resumes and job search


Showers: Mondays and Wednesdays


Computer access for housing and job searches, or to print a document  

Monday - Thursday 9-11AM
1181 W Rees Avenue

Corner of 15th & Rees

Bus: #9 Pine Street, 13th & Rees stop

Phone: 509-596-1114

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In mid-2019 we realized that it is far more effective to bring services to where the homeless are than to expect them to navigate all the various social service agencies on their own.  We moved the Exit Homelessness program to the Sleep Center and partnered with Blue Mountain Action Council (BMAC) to expand onsite services. The "team" now includes a BMAC employee, our Peer Support Specialist and volunteers.


Since then, we have had substantial success in helping our clients move to more stable situations.

Want to get involved?

If you would like to volunteer, please give us a call at 509-956-1114.


In January 2018, the Walla Walla Alliance for the Homeless, with support from the City of Walla Walla, began a pilot program called “Exit Homelessness.” 


The Exit Homelessness Program supports the Alliance mission by providing participants with tools and support for reaching their housing, health and self-sufficiency goals.

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Jim came to Exit Homelessness fresh out of jail. He’d heard from another Exit participant also staying at the Christian Aid Center that Exit could help him with structuring his time and with a letter of recommendation for responsible participation. After working with us for a month Jim left us for Walla Walla Community College full time, to work part time, and more recently had to give up his litter route because of his other obligations. Jim says the Exit Homelessness program gave him, among other things, a way to give back to the community and gain self-worth with his litter route. He has been elected president at his transitional housing unit and we’re confident Jim won’t let anything get in the way of his success at a career in the environmental field. 




Location: 1181 W Rees Ave
Corner of 15th and Rees

Phone: 509-596-1114

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Location: 1181 W Rees Ave, Corner of 15th & Rees
Phone: 509-520-0316

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Mailing Address:

PO Box 3431, Walla Walla, WA 99362

Phone: 541-203-0122

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